Australian ejuice



We Are XenoClouds Vape Co.

We are a vape juice company located in Adelaide, SA. Our company has been mixing juice for 2 years, and due to popular local demand, have decided to go public, so… HERE WE ARE!

It is the collective ideology of XenoClouds to produce quality Australian vape juice to satisfy every vapers needs. To do this we want YOU, the people, to tell us what your latest craving is; which is why it’s super important to utilize our polling system on our HOME page. YOU decide what flavour you want and if the majority of people agree, at the end of the month we’ll make it our mission to try and fulfil your wishes. OR make the most of our already perfected juices in the store now.


Let’s keep this short and sweet (just like Trent).

Trent, your classic all round Aussie bloke. Nicest guy you’ll ever meet; the man who’d laugh at your crappy jokes just to make you feel better about yourself. At a very young age, Trent was diagnosed with the nastiest case of OCD known to mankind, so you are ensured that all juices purchased from XENOCLOUDS are of Premium Standard and are crafted to uttermost perfection (Otherwise Trent loses his marbles..). He is especially meticulous when it comes to crafting fruit juices with that nostalgic taste. You can guarantee when Trent makes a new juice, someone always ends up in tears (of joy… most of the time).

Vas, the Russian scientist behind the methods of flavour layering. Before his aspirations of splicing animals together he began by splicing flavours. Complex, harsh, subtle or overpowering he manages to make profound flavours work in liberating harmony. He devils in the dessert and patisserie flavour profiles, and constantly boasts and elaborates on how his juice is WAY better than Trents. We’ll let you guys decide…