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Welcome to XenoClouds

XenoClouds Mission Statement: 

XenoClouds goal is to provide delicious juice tailored to the majority of Australian Vapers! (so it’s in your absolute best interest to make use of our online polling system found on our home page).

Hey Guys, welcome to XenoClouds Blog!

First of all, we’d like to tell you all we have been in the vaping game for over 4 years and have been mixing for 2 years; we are now finally happy with our product. Our juice has been peer reviewed by all the local vapers we know and the general consensus was that, “heeeeeyy, this is pretty damn good!”

In addition, we believe that vaping is the best alternative to smoking, due to smoking having over 1000 known carcinogens and E-Juice vapour having no scientific evidence to correlate vaping with any forms of carcinogens or cancer growth. Most of all, we want to help kick smoking’s ass, and replace it with this delightful and delicious substitute.

Vaping is the future, cigarettes will die, it’s only a matter of time.

We operate in Adelaide, South Australia and work from our own Juice Factory (That’s what we like to call it- although it is nowhere near as big as a bloody factory- Or even remotely resembles a factory for the record…). The Juice Factory is where the famous XenoClouds Lab resides, where the infamous Surreal Satisfaction was forged and born, where all the magic started to happen.

Finally, we (on a daily basis) continue to create magical flavour combinations so you guys, our beloved customers, can have the most Surreal, Epic, Delicious and Satisfying vaping experience to hit your tiny succulent taste buds.

In conclusion… you will NOT be disappointed 😉

Behold, we are XenoClouds

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“Get ready to try some real good sh!t” – Gandhi

“I’m now capable of conjuring the fattest clouds, and sickest rings” – Gandalf

“I hate Smoking; it’s Rough, it’s course and the smell gets everywhere” – Anakin Skywalker