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Firstly, XenoClouds would like to present Nephylim.

Nephylim is the ultimate divine fusion of two desserts, one gifted from the angelic wisdom from above and the other a tried and true production from the intellect of man. Combined they bore the most awe-inspiring offspring known to this realm.

Perfecting the flavour profile of Nephylim was tricky; as it has 2 very unique flavour profiles. A Creamy Strawberry Milk, and a Cinnamon Sugar Cookie base.

Furthermore, when combining Strawberry Milk with the Cookie, we had to ensure that no particular flavour profile overpowered the other. However, we tweaked the recipe so just the right amount of strawberry was present to compliment the cookie, not clash with it.

Finally, we succeeded in doing so, it tastes just like the nostalgic Creamy Strawberry Nesquik with a Sugar Cookie accompaniment. Absolutely delicious!

In conclusion, if you are a big fan of Surreal Satisfaction and Vixen’s Elixir, be sure to pick up a bottle of Nephylim today!


Key Flavours:

  • Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
  • Creamy Strawberry Milk


NOTE: Doublers are double strength juices designed designed to be diluted 1:1 with additional VG and PG. XenoCloud doublers are provided in bottles twice the volume (15mL doubler makes a 30mL bottle of e-liquid, 30ml doubler makes 60ml bottle of e-liquid etc), designed to make adding your own nicotine an easy process. Don’t want to add your own nic? Easy! XenoClouds “ready to vape” liquids are all ready to use without the hassle of diluting.  Ready to vape and doubler juices do not contain any nicotine.

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